How to Eat Food Without Getting a Greasy Stomach?

Answer Greasy foods can lead to greasy stomachs.Greasy stomachs are no fun. And when it comes to having your favorite foods causing it, it's horrible. But have no fear, this article will explain to you on... Read More »

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Where in San Francisco can I get some good greasy food?

House of NankingMemphis MinniesNickkies - two words curry fries!Mel'sBarneys

Is chinese food greasy tongue pierced worried about what i can eat.?

Try Yum Cha. This menu is not greasy at all. There are also other dishes like Won Ton Noodles and Chow Mein noodles.Won Ton is a soup. Which consist of Dumplings and Noodles in a stock soup.Chow Me... Read More »

Why are {most} Chinese people skinny if their food is greasy and fried?

I believe it has to do with race and metabolism. My husband is Singaporean of Chinese-Indonesian decent. I'm an American of European-Hispanic decent. My husband eats A LOT of food, especially Chine... Read More »

When your stomach growls, does it REALLY need food?

oh yes my stomach does that when i'm eating & after i'm done eating and i wonder why