How to Eat Chunky Soup Without a Spoon?

Answer If you want to eat chunky soup, but a spoon is unavailable, it can be a challenge. Here is how to eat chunky soup without a spoon.

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Can I eat Chunky Chicken Noodle soup?

Yes you can eat the soup and have plenty of toast with it. I would recommend at least two slices as the toast will help firm up your bowelsDune

What is the Difference Between a Soup Spoon & a Tablespoon?

Soup spoons and tablespoons differ in shape, size and use. Although various definitions of soup spoons and tablespoons exist in the world of kitchen utensils, understanding the difference can help ... Read More »

What is the difference between a soup spoon&a tablespoon?

Tablespoons differ from soup spoons in size and function. While the soup spoon's main function is obvious by its name, "Tablespoon" can refer to two different things.Soup spoonsA soup spoon is one ... Read More »

Hot & Sour Soup Egg Drop Soup Or Wonton Soup Which Chinese Soup do you like better?

It depends..most times I like the wonton, but I had a hot and sour one time that was so much different than the same ol same ol..omg..delic