How to Eat After a Workout?

Answer When planning a workout, knowing how to eat and when to eat is just as important as the exercise itself. Before working out, the body needs fuel, mainly carbohydrates, for energy. Since exercising ... Read More »

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How to Cool off After a Hot Workout?

Need to cool down after you workout? Well we can fix that!

Do I have to eat after a workout?

You don't necessarily have to eat after a workout, but keep in mind the more protien you eat the more muscle you will get. Be careful though because you can over do it on the protien.

What is healthy to eat after a workout?

Eating a snack after a workout is important to repair muscle tissue and replenish glycogen. You don't need to eat a big meal but refueling the body correctly is the best way to gain the benefits of... Read More »

Taking shrooms after a workout?

No, shrooms will make you feel more awake and alert. Just like acid (or LSD) shrooms will increase your heart rate and your blood pressure and Enhance the activity of your brain, providing you with... Read More »