How to Easily Restore Cloudy Headlight Lens?

Answer A simple way to restore cloudy vehicle light lenses to clear condition.

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How to Restore Cloudy Headlight Lens?

If your headlights are cloudy, they may impair your ability to see the road at night or in stormy weather. Overtime, erosion and exposure to the sun damage the headlight lens. The lens sustains tho... Read More »

How to Clean a Cloudy Headlight Lens?

If you take pride in the condition of your vehicle, then you want every last spot to look great. One spot that can be a challenge for some vehicle owners to keep clean is the headlight lens. This p... Read More »

How to Buff Out Cloudy Headlight Lens?

Cloudy headlight lenses can make a car look old and neglected. New headlight lenses are expensive and in most cases have to be professionally installed. Luckily there is Meguiar's Headlight Restora... Read More »

How to Restore Cloudy Headlight Lenses on Your Car?

Does the high beams on your headlights shine like they are on low beams? Well the problem most likely is not the headlight bulbs but the problem most likely exists with the headlight lenses themsel... Read More »