How to Easily Put in Soft Contact Lenses?

Answer Inserting and removing your contact lenses takes a little practice and expertise--it's definitely a trial-and-error learning process. Most types of contact lenses use the same method of insertion b... Read More »

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How to Easily Remove Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses allow you to see clearly without wearing eyeglasses. However, they cannot permanently remain in the eye and must be removed for cleaning and to allow eyes to rest. Although there are... Read More »

Is there latex in soft contact lenses?

Soft contact lenses are made of plastic materials. The water they contain makes them soft and flexible and allow oxygen to get to the cornea. There is no latex in soft contact lenses.Source:Univers... Read More »

Who invented soft contact lenses?

According to, soft contact lenses were invented by Otto Wichterle, a Czech scientist. In 1961, Wichterle used a homemade device made of an old phonograph and an erector set in order to c... Read More »

Are my contact lenses hard or soft?

You bought soft lenses of course.You can't buy hard lenses online. Hard lenses...which are actually RGP lenses , (Rigid Gas Permeable) are very small and don't bend in half when wet...they don't ev... Read More »