How to Easily Draw a Circle?

Answer Finished Circle    Some people find it hard to draw a convincing circle. They try and try, but their circles just look stiff and lop-sided. This article will explain how to draw a circle withou... Read More »

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Circle of Fifths Tutorial: How to Draw a Circle of Fifths?

The circle of fifths is an intuitive method for determining the relationships among all of the tones and key signatures used in music. It offers composers a way to visualize how the tonic and fifth... Read More »

How to Draw a Circle?

Although there are many ways to draw a perfect circle, some work better than others in certain situations. Here are a few techniques; you pick your favorite!

How to Draw a Circle Through Any Three Points?

Any three non-linear points describe a unique circle. The circle that passes through any three points can be drawn using only a straight edge and compass in a process known as construction. Constru... Read More »

How to Draw a Transmutation Circle?

There are many alchemy circles, and I am giving you here a Fullmetal Alchemist Human Transmutation circle!