How to Easily Defeat the Final Boss in Resident Evil 4?

Answer Just like in all video games, the final boss in Resident Evil 4 is pretty hard to defeat. Here's an easy strategy to defeat him in less then five minutes.

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How to Easily Defeat the Last Boss on Resident Evil 4 Alternative?

Really tired of having Saddler kick your butt? Those freaky eyes always laughing at you? Well look no further. Saddler does not know whats coming!

How to Defeat Mr. X in Resident Evil 2?

Mr. X is the tyrant that appears only in Scenario B in Resident Evil 2. He has a lot of health in both forms.

How to Defeat Nemesis in Resident Evil 3?

In Resident Evil 3, there is a Tyrant, codenamed Nemesis, that has one and only one mission: eliminate every S.T.A.R.S. member. You will encounter him more than 10 times, and you just shoot him unt... Read More »

How to Defeat Lisa Trevor in Resident Evil?

So, you have been able to dodge Lisa Trevor on the first two encounters, but now you must defeat her - notice defeat, not kill.