How to Easily Catch Giratina in Pokemon Platinum Without the Master Ball?

Answer Are you having trouble catching Giratina in Pokémon Platinum? Are you ready to just throw your Master Ball at it? Well, don't do that, there are far better things to use it on, like on Cresselia o... Read More »

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How Do You Catch Mesprit Without the Master Ball in "Pokemon Platinum"?

Mesprit is one of the three roaming Psychic legendary Pokemon available for you to catch in "Pokemon Platinum." Unlike the other legendary Pokemon that you can always find in the same spot, Mesprit... Read More »

How to Catch a Giratina in Pokemon Platinum?

Giratina is a powerful Dragon- and Ghost-type Pokemon that is the main legendary Pokemon of "Pokemon Platinum". It has extremely high Defense and can learn a variety of strong moves such as Shadow ... Read More »

How to Catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Silver Without a Master Ball?

Ho-oh is one of the three legendary bird Pokemon in the "Pokemon Silver" game. Ho-oh is a bird and fire-type Pokemon. It is immune to ground-type attacks, vulnerable to water, electric and rock att... Read More »

How to Catch Giratina in "Pokemon HeartGold"?

Since the first "Pokemon" game in 1996, the monster-catching franchise has turned into a staple series on the handheld market. "Pokemon HeartGold" and "Pokemon SoulSilver" were released in 2010 for... Read More »