How to Ease Skin Problems of a Chemo Patient?

Answer Many chemotherapy patients suffer from dry skin as well as sore muscles. With the help of a caregiver, much of this can be eliminated.

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When should a cancer patient will under went chemo treatment?

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What are the causes of hair loss in a canine chemo patient?

When a dog has cancer and undergoes chemotherapy, many of the side effects are similar to humans. However, most dogs do not lose their hair the way humans do.ChemotherapyTexas A&M College of Veteri... Read More »

How to Ease Your Dog's Stomach Problems?

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How can you increase your white blood count after chemo to receive another chemo treatment two weeks after?

I had exactly the same problems as your Husband. I also have lymphoma and my chemo is scheduled every other fortnight too. I became very immuno-supressed, and my WBC dropped very low. I ended up ge... Read More »