How to Ease Cold Symptoms Quickly?

Answer Why does the cold season have to come at the same time as Christmas? No worries, this article should help you manage the symptoms of a cold.

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How to Ease Symptoms of Cold and Flu?

When symptoms of the common cold starts to present itself, it is important to take adequate precautions to help yourself heal faster. When you have a wet cough, sore throat, signs of building up a ... Read More »

Is there any treatment to ease the symptoms of frequent urination pollakiuria in child age 4?

Answer Pollakiuria is extra-ordinary daytime urinary frequency, that occurs every 5-10 miutes in children of pre-school age.There may be multiple etiologies behind this clinical presentation such a... Read More »

How do you get rid of a cold sore quickly?

Abreva- it's expensive, (like $17.00) but it really works!!

How can I get over a bad chest cold quickly?

I know one rural remedy for this. It will not contradict any medication you have. So long as you are not allergic to Vicks rub and garlic. You go on with the other remedies you take. Here's how it... Read More »