How to Earn Points on Lockerz.Com?

Answer is a website where you earn points by simply answering daily questions, logging in and watching videos. These points, known as "ptz", can be redeemed for prizes such as iPod Touches, PS... Read More »

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How do I earn points?

dont say offending things just answer questions & try to get picked for best answer & your points will go up. oh yeah and you might want to be careful because things that i dont think are "offensiv... Read More »

How to Earn Points As Allowance?

Your Future Earnings!A points chart is a system of allowance where you work to earn an item, and the points you get are boxes (one for each dollar) that get filled in as you go along. Gone is the t... Read More »

How to Use Bikelopse to Earn Points?

If you are a regular cyclist then you can simply earn rewards from cycling.

How to Earn a Lot of Trainer Points on Nintendogs?

You know there is a way to earn extra trainer points on Nintendogs? Keep reading to find out how to get them!