How to Dye a Mohair Wig?

Answer The first doll to sport a mohair wig of which we have written history comes from Germany around 1880, and was introduced by the company Alt, Beck and Gottschalk. Mohair is still the choice of quali... Read More »

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How to Clean Mohair?

Mohair is the lofty, downy fiber from a goat. It is similar to wool in many ways, but it is warmer and less bulky. Mohair can be knitted or woven and is most often used to make sweaters and home ac... Read More »

How to Dye Mohair Wigs?

Dyeing mohair wigs is a relatively easy step in the doll-making process. Before dyeing, you must ensure that the mohair wig is clean and does not have any tangles. It should also have plenty of roo... Read More »

What Is Mohair Fabric?

Mohair is a type of textile that is similar to silk. It is a yarn and fabric that is made using hair extracted from angora goats. It is known for being warm, durable and highly insulating. The term... Read More »

How to Apply a Reborn Mohair Wig?

Add new hair to your reborn doll with ease, by using a premade mohair wig. Some doll makers root single strands of hair into the doll's scalp with felting needles, to create wispy hair. This proces... Read More »