How to Dye Your Hair in a Rainbow Coontail?

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How to Get Coontail Hair?

Coontail hair is a section of hair that has stripes like a racoon's tail. This style is being worn by scene kids who want a new twist to the emo, goth or other scene hairstyles. Coontail stripes ar... Read More »

How to Get Rainbow Hair?

Rainbow hair colors don't take much skill to apply, as long as you have the time to commit. You'll need to bleach your hair until it's platinum blond to remove all color. If you've dyed your hair b... Read More »

How to Dye Your Hair Rainbow Colors?

Adding a variety of colored clip-in extensions to your hair can give you the rainbow look for a day, but to keep the look for longer, you'll need to use hair dye. Dyeing your hair in colors all at ... Read More »

How to Color Your Hair Rainbow?

Do you want rainbow colored hair, but have no clue how to? Or are you just looking for a new technique? I will explain two different techniques for rainbow colored hair in this article.