How to Dye Your Hair Without It Looking Unprofessional and Uneven?

Answer So, you're having problems dying your hair on your own, and don't really get those instruction the boxes of dyes you buy? Follow these simple easy steps to get an evenly distributed and nice hair. ... Read More »

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How to Dye Your Hair Blond Without It Looking Weird?

Coloring your hair blond is a big step, especially if you have naturally dark hair. When you dye your hair blond, the peroxide in the dye mixture lightens your hair in stages. If you are not carefu... Read More »

What causes your eyelid to become uneven, out of shape, or smaller looking then the other?

it can come from extremely dry eyes. try using the Tears eye drops daily and see what happens

How to Shave My Head Without Looking Like I Have Lost My Hair?

Many men turn to shaving their head over growing hair and they inadvertently showcase their bald spots. To achieve a shaved head without giving the impression that you have lost your hair, you will... Read More »

How to dye bleach blonde hair to dark brown without looking greenish?

Trust me it won't go green no matter what you do. The only weird color it could go would be grey, and that only happens when you used an ash based dye. Don't worry! Good luck!