How to Dye Scene Bangs?

Answer Scene-style bangs, or "fringe" are commonly long, covering one or both eyes, and either black or bright colored. Red, blue and purple are typical colors for scene hair. Often, scene bangs are black... Read More »

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How to cut emo/ scene bangs?

The easiest way to do it at home would probably be using a razor.……

How to Get Scene Bangs at Home?

"Scene" or "Emo" is an alternative subculture based around a particular style of music. Those that embrace this music generally have certain clothes and hairstyles, characterized by black and very ... Read More »

How to Make Scene Bangs?

Scene refers to an alternative fashion style. It is typically considered an evolution from the emo style, which features heavy makeup, unusual hair colors, and an emotional outlook which gave the ... Read More »

How to Get Peekaboo Scene Bangs?

Peekaboo hair styles get their name because the bangs are long enough to cover the eyes, but thin and wispy enough to see through. They add an air of mystery, as they cover the wearer's eyes. Membe... Read More »