How to Dye Hair From Dark Brown to Red?

Answer Blondes have it easy when it comes to coloring their hair red. The red dye seems to grab the hair follicle and not want to let go. But when you have dark hair, the dyeing process is a little more d... Read More »

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If a guy has dark hair and dark brown eyes and the girl has red hair and brown eyes what would their baby look like?

Well, no one can really say because not only does the baby take after its mothers and fathers traits but it also matters on what the grandparents, aunts, and uncles looked like. If it were up to me... Read More »

How to Get Blonde Hair from Dark Brown?

Are you a dark brunette who wants to be a Beaming Blonde? It sounds impossible. Instead of scouring the internet for hints & tips just read below to find out how to become a Blondie.

How do I get bright red hair from dark brown hair?

You don't have to bleach your hair :DYou can buy "Loreal HiColor Highlights in Magenta or Red."I suggest red for the color you desire (:It's for dark hair only and all you need is a bowl and some v... Read More »

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, so what hair color would I need if I was going to a Mary Kay party?

LOL, !! :)don't change a thing, wow them with your natural look.