How to Dye Fabric Black?

Answer You can dye fabric in many different ways, but dying a fabric a dark color like black is best done through the stove top method. This allows the water to get hot enough and will also keep the dark ... Read More »

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How to Dye Black Fabric Green?

Black fabric cannot be dyed green until is has been sufficiently lightened. Attempting to layer green dye over black fabric will have little to no effect and is a waste of time. First, you must lig... Read More »

How Can I Remove Black Sharpie From Fabric?

Black Sharpie permanent markers are designed to create bold, black marks on surfaces. These permanent markers contain fade and water-resistant ink consisting of dyes and pigments. Occasionally, acc... Read More »

How do I get black permanent marker out of fabric on a couch?

Preparing the CouchVacuum the couch thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner attachment hose.Using Oxygen BleachCombine 1 qt. warm water and 1 oz. oxygen bleach into a bucket. Dip a rag into the cleaning s... Read More »

How to Get Black Nail Polish Off a Fabric Couch?

Black nail polish makes a bold statement that complements clothes and fashion accessories. Painting your nails while you sit on a couch makes its fabric vulnerable to nail polish stains, which typi... Read More »