How to Dye Black Hair Pink?

Answer When you need a change of pace and want a look that is a little more emo or punk, consider dying your hair pink. If you have black hair, however, you cannot just apply pink hair dye directly to you... Read More »

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Tips on Highlighting Hair With Black, Blonde & Pink?

Highlighting your hair with black, blond and pink colors creates a dynamic look. Whether you have fine highlights or chunky streaks, shocks of pink add personality to your hair style. There are sev... Read More »

I'm a kinda dark black person, should I wear light pink makeup or hot pink?

Well black black skin should be hot pink, and more of a lighter skin should go with light pink. Sounds like its gonna look good.

If I put hot pink hair dye on my already fire engine red hair, will the pink still turn out good?

You should bleach it a little to fade the red before you put the pink in. Since the red is so bright and vibrant the pink would only intensify the red instead of actually making your hair pink. Goo... Read More »

I dont have black tea for my pink eye would ginger black tea work the same?

Either tea will do nothing to help the pink eye, except provide comfort. In order to get rid of the pink eye, you need to get a prescription from your doctor.i wish you well.