How to Dye Black Hair Blond?

Answer A few things are just hard to get rid of; dyed black hair is one of those things. Whether you made a mistake or just want a change, you have your work cut out for you. The easy way is to strip the ... Read More »

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Which one is better blond or black hair?

It depends on other things. You skin tone color, your features, and age. I had dark brown/black hair as a child. The older I got it was too dark for my complexion. I now have blonde highlights ... Read More »

How to Dye Black Hair Chestnut Blond?

Trying to layer chestnut blond hair color over black hair will have little to no effect because standard hair dye is not capable of lifting color from your hair to render a lighter shade. In order ... Read More »

Can I recolor my hair from black to blond?

On One Hand: It Is PossibleIt is physically possible to get your hair from black to blonde, whether it is a natural black or a dyed black. If it is a dyed black, the process will involve stripping ... Read More »

How to Dye Hair Blond That Is Already Dyed Black?

Hair that is dyed black is a hard shade to remove from the hair, but it is possible with a bleach that removes hair color. Since the color is so dark, it must be removed thoroughly before dyeing th... Read More »