How to Duplicate a BMW Key?

Answer Since the early 1990s, BMW has included electronic microchips in car keys to help deter thieves. The cars will not start if the key does not transmit the correct electronic signals when it is place... Read More »

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How to Delete Duplicate Files and Recover Valuable Disk Space Using Duplicate Finder?

Have excess files been clogging up and slowing down your computer system lately? Are you no longer able to find the files you need because of all these useless files? Don't despair! Duplicate Finde... Read More »

How to Duplicate a DVD on a Mac?

The Mac operating system makes it convenient to copy a DVD from one disk to another. Keep in mind that using Mac's "Disk Utility" allows you to copy only a DVD that does not have a copy protection ... Read More »

How do I duplicate a DVD?

Select DVD-Burning SoftwareDownload and install a compatible DVD-burning software to your computer's operating system. For Mac, you can use Toast Titanium, iDVD or DVD Studio Pro. For PC, you can u... Read More »

How to Duplicate an ISO DVD?

An ISO file is a disc image, a copy of a CD or DVD compressed into a single archive. If you have a DVD containing one or more ISO files, duplicating that disc is a snap. There are several ways to d... Read More »