How to Duplicate Pokémon on Pokémon: Emerald version?

Answer Are you bored just sitting there day after day playing Pokemon Emerald, beating opponents in the Battle Tower without winning symbols? Well here is a way to change that!

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How to Duplicate Pokemon in Emerald?

Have you ever wanted to clone a Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald, but did not know how? If you follow these steps, you will receive a cloned copy of any Pokemon in the game.

How to Clone a Pokemon in Emerald Version GBA?

As in the other Pokemon games, in Emerald you must capture and train Pokemon to try and become the greatest Pokemon trainer. The key to gaining supremacy is to acquire powerful Pokemon, such as Dra... Read More »

How to Get the Regis on Pokemon Emerald Version?

The group of ancient legendary Pokémon known collectively as the "Regis" consist of Regirock, Regice and Registeel. You can capture all three of these Pokémon after you obtain the Mind Badge in M... Read More »