How to Dump a Shy Girl?

Answer You have this perfect doll-like shy girl and you're dating her then you find it hard to maintain a relationship because she's not your type so how do you dump her?

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How to Get a Girl to Dump Her Boyfriend and Go out With You?

Usually, a girl that is unhappy with her current boyfriend will look to someone they know and trust for some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Hopefully, that is YOU in this situation!

How to Make a Girl Dump You?

You need to break up with your girl friend?

If a neighbors dog takes a dump on my lawn can i take a dump on their doorstep?

Take a plastic bag and return their dog's crap to them - and say "here, you might be missing this". And tell them they had better SKIP your yard on their crap route.

How to Dump a Guy?

Have you recently fallen out of love with somebody and you don't know how to let him down slowly? Well, this is a great article to tell you how!