How to Dump a Shy Girl?

Answer You have this perfect doll-like shy girl and you're dating her then you find it hard to maintain a relationship because she's not your type so how do you dump her?

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How to Make a Girl Dump You?

You need to break up with your girl friend?

How to Get a Girl to Dump Her Boyfriend and Go out With You?

Usually, a girl that is unhappy with her current boyfriend will look to someone they know and trust for some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Hopefully, that is YOU in this situation!

If a neighbors dog takes a dump on my lawn can i take a dump on their doorstep?

Take a plastic bag and return their dog's crap to them - and say "here, you might be missing this". And tell them they had better SKIP your yard on their crap route.

Can a girl get pregnant by another girl that has had sex with a man Can a girl get pregnant from another girl if the other girl has had sex with a man and then had intercourse with the first girl?

No Phew I just had sex with a girl and it was freken sexy!!!! SEX IZ HOT WITH THE SAME GENDER!!!!!!!!! less sexier with guyz! oh, sex rules : suck the nipple er nutalways lites off!DONT 4 GET 2 SUC... Read More »