How to Dump Used Motor Oil?

Answer Regular oil changes are necessary for proper maintenance of all motor vehicles. Many consumers choose to bring their car into an auto shop or service area, but others may work on it at home. Changi... Read More »

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If a neighbors dog takes a dump on my lawn can i take a dump on their doorstep?

Take a plastic bag and return their dog's crap to them - and say "here, you might be missing this". And tell them they had better SKIP your yard on their crap route.

How to Re-Use Used Motor Oil?

Motor oil, also referred to as engine oil, is a liquid used for lubricating moving parts of an internal combustion motor. However, motor oil has other uses in the engine as well: it cools and clean... Read More »

How to Buy Used Motor Homes?

A motor home can provide many years of recreation and enjoyment but they are quite expensive. One option to save money is buying a used motor home, but care must be taken to assure the motor home i... Read More »

How to Buy a Used Motor Home?

When you are thinking of buying a used recreational vehicle, you want to know that you are going to get a great RV that you can use for years to come. If you are not careful though, you may end up ... Read More »