How to Dry Squash Seeds?

Answer Drying your own squash seeds is easy and  gives you the opportunity to grow your own squash in your garden every year.

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Are squash seeds edible?

Squash seeds are edible and provide an excellent source of vegetable protein. Squash seed husks are also edible and are most plump when coming from ripe squash. You can, however, remove the hulls f... Read More »

How to Germinate Squash Seeds?

Both summer and winter squash are usually seeded directly in the garden. This family of vegetables includes zucchinis, acorn squash, butternut and other varieties. Squash seedlings have sensitive r... Read More »

How to Grow Butternut Squash Seeds?

Butternut squash has a sweet flavor, which is why many people enjoy adding it to their favorite dishes. The squash grows well in home gardens but it needs adequate room to grow. Prepare the garden ... Read More »

Are acorn squash seeds edible?

Every part of a squash can be eaten, including the seeds. Acorn squash seeds are not only edible but also very healthy. Acorn squash seeds can be roasted, seasoned or toasted and are flavorful addi... Read More »