How to Dry Cleats Quickly?

Answer Looks like these cleats definitely need to be dried!Got some wet, swampy cleats...and soccer practice in just a few hours? Here are a few different ways to dry them out.

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What is the difference between rugby cleats&football cleats?

Sports that are played on grass or dirt typically require athletes to wear some sort of shoe with cleats. The rules of different sports along with the physical requirements of each activity have co... Read More »

How to Take Care of Cleats?

Cleats are an essential part of many sports. While particulars may vary, the basics of cleat care are more or less the same.

Can i put cleats in a dryer?

You can put cleats in a dryer, but the tumbling action of the cleats may damage the inside of the dryer and cause excessive noise. One alternate method is to untie the laces, put a knot in them, a... Read More »

How to Walk on Ice Cleats?

Ice cleats are footwear that features metal studs which can be used to grant the wearer better purchase on a slippery ice surface. While normal soles of boots may slip and slide along the surface o... Read More »