How to Dry Basil Buds?

Answer Basil is a popular herb used as a seasoning. Although fresh basil is more flavorful, dried basil is also good for cooking. By drying or dehydrating fresh basil, you can preserve the herb for up to ... Read More »

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Are beats ear buds better than Bose ear buds?

Yes Beats are so much better than Bose could ever be. Beats are crystal clear and don't get fuzzy even on full blast. Beats also have a no tangle cord.

Is sweet basil and basil the same?

There are several different varieties of basil. The one usually used in Italian cuisine is sweet basil. Holy basil and lemon basil are different (but closely related) species, and Thai basil is the... Read More »

How to Use Dried Basil for Basil Tea?

Basil is known for its taste in the culinary world and its vast medicinal properties in the realm of home remedies. It can ease stomach cramps, vomiting and constipation, and is used in homeopathic... Read More »

Why are ear buds bad for you?

The cheapest ones are about 60 or 50 dollars it depends on which earphones you want to buy.