How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Nissan Altima?

Answer The Nissan Altima is a midsized or compact car. Vehicles made prior to 2001 were smaller, compact versions of the midsized vehicles available today. Nissan as produced the Altima since 1993. Curren... Read More »

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My Nissan Altima Won't Restart and Is Hot?

Driving your Nissan Altima for long periods of time in hot weather may cause your vehicle to not start or to run hot. Improper maintenance on the vehicle will also contribute to these problems. Kno... Read More »

What Does the Distributor Do on a Nissan Altima?

The distributor on a Nissan Altima does the same thing a distributor does on any other vehicle. It transfers an electrical current at the proper time to ensure the correct firing order of the car's... Read More »

How to Install XM in an '05 Nissan Altima?

An XM radio receiver will be wired into your stock stereo that came with the car. The stock stereo in the 2005 Nissan Altima comes pre-wired for satellite radio and amplifiers. The passenger side o... Read More »

How to Do A Brake Job On A Nissan Altima?

Changing the brake pads on a Nissan Altima is challenging but it's much cheaper than paying a mechanic. With a little practice and the right tools, you can change them as well as a professional. So... Read More »