How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Chevy Camaro?

Answer The Chevy Camaro model years from 1993 through the 2002 are similar in terms of the engine structure and design. One repair often needed is replacement of the oil pan. The oil pan collects and hous... Read More »

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How to Drop the Engine in a Camaro?

When restoring a classic Chevy Camaro you may want to use a new 350 cubic inch V8. This engine is available for the Z28 Camaro, but can be dropped into any model of Camaro. Typically, stock vehicle... Read More »

How to Maintain a Chevy Camaro?

The Chevrolet Camaro is a popular muscle car with a loyal group of enthusiasts who enjoy restoring, rebuilding and tweaking them. Those who are lucky enough to own such a sleek vehicle are particul... Read More »

Who invented the Chevy Camaro?

The invention of the Chevy Camaro was a group effort. More then one person came up with the idea for this national sports car. The director of the design group was Henry C. Haga. Interior design wa... Read More »

How to Replace a Tie Rod End in a Chevy Camaro?

Too much play in the tie rod ends of the Chevy Camaro can affect the steering. Thanks to the integral role the tie rod plays in connecting the steering to the wheels, any play or damage to the tie ... Read More »