How to Drop in on a Skateboard Curved Ramp?

Answer Skateboard wedge ramps is totally easy, but when you get to curved ramps you freeze. Here's how to do it.

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What is a skateboard ramp?

Skateboard ramps consists of man-made structures used to perform skateboard tricks. The kick ramp, constructed of a base and an inclined ramp, allows the skater to catch air while performing flip t... Read More »

How to Go Down a Ramp on a Skateboard?

This is a major thing to know if you want to go to your local skate park. A little ramp can also be known as a kicker. This is an easy way to pick up speed.

How to Build a Skateboard Ramp?

It is time to take that skateboard out and do some jumping! Now all you need is a ramp for that jump. You can build a ramp that is sure to get you on your way to creating a quality jump.

How to Do an Axle Stall on a Skateboard Ramp?

Ever wanted to pull off that cool trick that all the "experienced" skaters are doing? Well, it's not that hard. Give it a whirl!