How to Drop an Engine in a Chevy Truck?

Answer Engines wear out. It's an unfortunate reality, but not every engine built will last for 200,000 miles, so sometimes you have to replace it. The lifting and moving process can be difficult. In this ... Read More »

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How to Drop a Chevy Truck?

A dropped or lowered truck is almost the opposite of the raised monster trucks. A dropped or lowered Chevy truck sits low to the ground. The Chevy truck can range from being a few inches lower than... Read More »

How to Body Drop a Chevy Truck?

Chevy trucks, also known as Chevrolets, are a popular choice of truck owners in American and around the world. Chevrolet trucks come in a range of models including the Colorado, the S-10 and the Si... Read More »

Specifications for a 1936 Chevy Truck Engine?

1936 Chevy trucks, called stovebolters for their stovebolt engines are often fixed up and restored by collectors and enthusiasts. Compared to today's complex, computer controlled motors, the old Ch... Read More »

How to Reset the Service Engine Light on a Chevy Truck?

Every Chevrolet truck built with an on-board computer has a service engine light. The purpose of this light is to alert the driver of any malfunctions in the drive train management system. Once you... Read More »