How to Drop Two Pounds in Only a Couple of Days?

Answer Nutrition and diet experts tend to agree on the puzzling fact that it is easier to lose ten pounds than only a couple of them. Obese or severely overweight people tend to get encouraged by the decr... Read More »

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My New Year's resolution was to lose 20 pounds by the start of spring. How can I drop 19 in the next four days?

Giardia Lamblia. It's a microbe that forces your lazy intestinal tract to expel everything you have ever eaten. (And then some) That is one seriously fast weight loss program there. A few years ago... Read More »

8 days smoke free and blood pressure is still high, should i wait a couple more days and see if it goes down?

Your blood pressure may be up because quitting smoking can be a very stressful experience. Stress can raise your BP. However, I would make a visit to the doctor. Maybe he can give you something ... Read More »

Could you still be pregnant if you had sex 3 to 4 days after bleeding and a couple of days later started cramping and having breast soreness for the next three weeks?

Answer Well i had unprotetced sex with my partner on holidays while having my periods. Its been 22 days since that and i feell differnt. i have been getting crampy pains and twinges and alot of g... Read More »

Can you get pregnant 4 days after your period I have had slight cramping the last couple days I don't think it is an infection bc theres no odor itchingor rash.?

You can only get pregnant during ovulation. But all women ovulate at different times. But it's usually about two weeks before starting your period. So on average the chances of you getting pregnant... Read More »