How to Drive in School Zones?

Answer On each and every road, avenue and street outside American schools, you are likely to find a sign that says, "School Zone," followed by a speed limit. Though it often differs between cities, counti... Read More »

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I keep getting caught at school 40km zones. do all of these areas have speed cameras?

I know I may sound like smart-***, but those laws are good. I lived close to one elementary school and I remember more than few kids got hit by a car. Even if you are really good driver, they might... Read More »

Can I drive a school bus with a prior DUI in CT?

Under Connecticut law, a school bus is a commercial vehicle and its driver is a commercial driver. Commercial drivers are legally drunk when their blood alcohol level is at .04 percent or higher. A... Read More »

Do i need to know how to drive a manual before going to trucking school?

You don't NEED to, but it will help a lot. If you can focus on learning how to be a good semi driver you will better than having to spend a bunch of time learning how to shift. You will have to lea... Read More »

Can you drive to school with a permit in california?

In California you can drive to school with a learner's permit as long as there is an adult at least 25 years old with a valid driver's license in the car with you.Source:Test Questions and Answers:... Read More »