How to Drive in Australia?

Answer Driving in Australia, like most other western nations, is relatively easy and straightforward. Traffic rules are uniform from state to state (with the exception of Melbourne's quaint - but crucial ... Read More »

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How old do you have to be to drive a car in australia?

The age requirement for a driver's license in Australia varies by territory. In New South Wales, prospective drivers can receive a learner license at age 16 and a probationary license, which allows... Read More »

How to Drive on a Tolled Road in Australia?

If you've driven in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland, you may have often seen toll roads, or driven on one. There are multiple ways to pay your tolls, should you ever have to drive on a toll... Read More »

Trying to find Remington BM50 Breadmaker drive belt in Australia or anywhere . Thank you?

Here's a bunch.{19D84…

What is the best type of garage door opener: screw drive, belt drive or chain drive?

I have installed both a screw drive and a chain drive. As previously mentioned, a screw drive delivers more power. It may be required to open a double wide because of the extra weight or a single p... Read More »