How to Drive a Stick Shift With a Broken Left Foot?

Answer Emergencies tend to crop up at the worst possible times. There may come a time in your life where you have to drive someone to the hospital in a stick shift with a broken left foot. Here's how you ... Read More »

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Why do most people prefer to drive stick shift cars rather than automatic cars Are stick shifts better?

I thought most people prefer automatics. But sticks are more fun and keep you busy.

How to Drive a 5 Speed Stick Shift?

A five-speed stick shift is a manual transmission, which means the automobile driver must manually shift gears at the appropriate time, which is determined by the level of the engine's revolution p... Read More »

Can you drive stick shift Where do you live?

Yeah i'm living in Ireland so most people do drive stick shift

How to Drive a Stick Shift on Reverse?

Driving a car with a stick shift on reverse is almost second nature if you are proficient in driving a vehicle with manual transmission. The clutch and gas pedal are manipulated in exactly the same... Read More »