How to Drive a Motorcycle With a Clutch?

Answer Have you ever dreamed of taking to the open road on a motorcycle? You know you can't just jump on a motorcycle and go. You need proper motorcycle instruction in order to be safe. While there are mo... Read More »

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How to Use the Clutch on a Motorcycle?

So you just got a new motorcycle and you have no idea how to use the clutch on it? Using the clutch on a motorcycle is very important, as you have to use the clutch to shift gears. It's a bit awkwa... Read More »

How to Pop a Clutch on a Motorcycle?

Wheelies are an addicting maneuver in the sport of motorcycling. While most of the larger sport motorcycles can use sheer power to loft their front wheel, a rider on a smaller machine must slip or ... Read More »

How to Slip a Motorcycle Clutch?

Slipping the clutch is a technique used frequently by motorcycle stunt riders to initiate a wheelie. By slipping, or partially disengaging, the clutch, the transfer of rotational energy from the mo... Read More »

How to Bleed a Motorcycle Clutch?

If the fluid in the clutch master cylinder reservoir is dark, or the clutch lever feels soft and spongy when pulled in, it may be time to bleed (or replace) your clutch system. Flushing and bleedi... Read More »