How to Drive a Motorcycle With a Clutch?

Answer Have you ever dreamed of taking to the open road on a motorcycle? You know you can't just jump on a motorcycle and go. You need proper motorcycle instruction in order to be safe. While there are mo... Read More »

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How to Use the Clutch to Drift With a Motorcycle?

SuperMoto drivers use clutch to drift and earn time to going faster on the track. Drifting with clutch permits you to brake later and to position your motorcycle to turn faster.

How to Drive an ATV With a Clutch?

An all terrain vehicle or ATV as it is known, is a recreation vehicle used for getting around on various types of terrain. There are different styles and sizes of ATV's to choose from. You can find... Read More »

How to Drive a Manual With a Broken Clutch Pedal?

Get in your car, start it, and the clutch pedal is broken. It's engaged, but you are unable to press the clutch.

Can you drive a car with a motorcycle license?

When obtaining a license for a motorcycle, some states simply add the "Class M" designation to your current license. In this case, you can operate an automobile. However, if you have a motorcycle-o... Read More »