How to Drive a Five-Speed Mustang?

Answer Sports cars such as the Ford Mustang typically offer a manual transmission option. There are many advantages of a manual, including increased fuel efficiency, faster acceleration, greater control a... Read More »

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Speed doesn't kill, the inability to drive at speed does! Compulsory motorway lessons NOW!?

I think that would be a great idea. Maybe they could have a two part test where the learner lest they do now is the first part followed by an advanced sort of test, six or more months later, that ... Read More »

How to Set Idle Speed up on a 95 Mustang?

On some computer-controlled engines, the idle speed is controlled by the idle air control valve and the throttle stop screw. The throttle stop is used to set the minimum air flow through the thrott... Read More »

What speed can a 68 Mustang reach?

The Shelby Mustang GT 500 KR is the fastest of three 1968 models. It has a top speed of 130 mph. The Ford Mustang GT/CS can reach 120 mph, while the Mustang GT 390 can go 94 mph. The different engi... Read More »

What is the top speed for a 2007 Mustang V6?

The 2007 Ford Mustang base model is equipped with 4.0L V6. It is capable of reaching a top speed of 113 miles per hour. The 4.0L V6 makes 210 horsepower and 240 pound-feet or torque. It completes t... Read More »