How to Drive Your Car on to a Ferry?

Answer If you're visiting an island, you may suddenly have to pick up a new driving skill: getting your vehicle onto a car ferry. Luckily, it's easier than it looks, and minimal preparation is required to... Read More »

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Can you claim on your premier 50 travel insurance because of bad weather in the UK for a delay to a ferry port Plymouth?

Some people prefer to live alone. It is also important to get a rental history established.

Does it do any harm, or put any strain on your hard drive if you de-frag the drive?

Not any more than usual use. A few tips on defragging tho, I would run a scandisk first, secondly, uninstall any files or software you dont need, the faster your pc and the more ram you have, the f... Read More »

Who plays the ferry in the direct tv commercial?

How much is the ferry to go to the Liberty Statue?

You could have had the answer in less than a minute by using Google or another search engine!"Round trip fare on the ferry, which includes admission to both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, ... Read More »