How to Drive While Following or Being Followed by Your Girlfriend's Parents?

Answer The point of this tutorial is to inform the typical male teenage driver of how to bring down his driving testosterone while following or being followed by his girlfriend's parents, especially the g... Read More »

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What if your pregnant girlfriends parents won't let you see her can they do that?

Answer If she is a minor, yes. Once the child is born they can still prevent you from seeing their daughter, but not your child. Start preparing yourself for a battle.1.file for your parental ri... Read More »

How to Convince Your Girlfriends Parents to Let You Go on a Road Trip Together?

This can be hard, but if you play your cards right, it can be quite easy.

My ex-girlfriends parents have custody of my sonmy girlfriend gave up parental right I have not but grandparents say they're adopting him they do that without my consent or legally informing me?

no, you can't one of the requisites they ask when you adopt is that you must have a stable income and be over 18 (21 in some states).

Can a teenager drive their parents car when their not on their parents policy?

Answer In OKlahoma all licensed drivers in the household must be listed as a driver or listed as an excluded driver for the policy to be valid. Anything else would result in a fraudilent policy and... Read More »