How to Drive Below the Speed Limit?

Answer Driving slowly below the speed limit can be a great way to keep safe on treacherous highways, blind curves, and all sorts of other dangerous roadway hazards. Follow these simple steps to put your s... Read More »

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Do they really fail you if you go 10 mph below the speed limit on the drive test?

A driving examiner cannot, by law, make you go faster than is safely attainable. HOWEVER; you must state that is the reason for your reluctance to go that fast. And you cannot run your whole drivin... Read More »

Why do you think the car makers taunt us with a 100 mph+ speedometer when the speed limit is below that?

In those cases when the car gets out of your control, such as the brakes failing. Then you can know how fast your car was traveling before it went off the cliff.

When you are taking a drivers test is it best to go 5 miles below the posted speed limit?

it's best to go below the speed limit, but 5 mph seems too should be able to control your speed better than that.

How to Keep to the Speed Limit in Test Drive Unlimited (for PS2)?

Have you ever been bothered by the police for speeding on Test Drive Unlimited for PS2 because it doesn't have manual settings for your car?