How to Drink Straight out of the Milk Jug?

Answer Tired of having to get a new glass every time you want a little drink of milk? Don't want to spend all that time shaking the lemonade out of an old glass just for a drink of milk? Here's how to dri... Read More »

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Why do I only vomit when I drink milk straight?

Do you drink straight from the milk jug, pop 2-liter, juice carton/jug, etc in your refrigerator?

yeah i do when im finishing off the carton......My dad used to too....Guess i just inherited

Is it harmful to keep hot milk in refrigerator if I want to drink cold milk?

GO BUY SOME COLD MILK STUPID!!!No, the hot milk should NOT spoiled if you keep in refrigerator, infact thiswould be similar to the process of pasturizing the milk, which is extreemely important bef... Read More »

Why is it that we find human milk repulsive after infanticy, but still drink cow's milk with no objection?

because cows milk is a completely normal thing. womens milk is for infants and you dont see stores selling it.