How to Drink Straight out of the Milk Jug?

Answer Tired of having to get a new glass every time you want a little drink of milk? Don't want to spend all that time shaking the lemonade out of an old glass just for a drink of milk? Here's how to dri... Read More »

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Why do I only vomit when I drink milk straight?

Do you drink straight from the milk jug, pop 2-liter, juice carton/jug, etc in your refrigerator?

yeah i do when im finishing off the carton......My dad used to too....Guess i just inherited

What happens if someone who is both lactose intolerant and allergic to milk accidentally intakes a drink which contains milk and cream?

Lactose intolerance leads to bloating, cramps and loose stools. Milk protein allergy has much broader reactions such as skin, respiratory, gastrointestinal [constipation or loose stools, colic, etc... Read More »

Why is it that we find human milk repulsive after infanticy, but still drink cow's milk with no objection?

because cows milk is a completely normal thing. womens milk is for infants and you dont see stores selling it.