How to Drink Milk Without Getting Sick?

Answer Usually when drinking an entire carton of milk (1 liter) you will get sick because the body does not have enough lactase (an enzyme) which digests lactose (the monosaccharide in milk). Some people ... Read More »

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How to Drink Alcohol Without Getting Sick?

Drinking alcohol at a party or a bar may have caused you to get sick in the past. These experiences can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and may even keep you from drinking alcohol in the future. You... Read More »

What can I do to stop getting sick all the time when I drink?

Have a good meal like pizza or pasta. Something that will fill you. I found that doing that and then as soon as I get home drinking a lot of water helps. I can't handle much alchohol, so before I... Read More »

How much blood can a human drink before getting sick?

A minuscule amount of blood --less than a drop, can carry and transmit an unbelievable amount of disease and bacteria, among which are hepatitis, AIDS, Malaria, even STDs (sexually transmitted Dise... Read More »

How to Eat Fish Without Getting Sick?

Do you like fish? Let's be honest, we all like fish. However one tiny mistake in preparing fish could cause a nightmare. Fear not though, this wikihow can show you how to safely prepare fish for an... Read More »