How to Drill Out Aircraft Fasteners?

Answer Aircraft fasteners are famous for holding together critical parts, but if the fastener gets stripped, it becomes a problem to remove the parts. Complicating things is that most fasteners are made f... Read More »

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How to Drill & Use Fasteners in Concrete & Metal?

Fastening items to wood or drywall surfaces can be fairly easy. Fastening items to steel or concrete can be a little more difficult. However, with the correct tools and the proper knowledge, even c... Read More »

AFI provides guidelines for preventing and resisting hijacking attempts on US Air Force aircraft or military contract civil aircraft?

How to Make Aircraft Stands for Miniature Aircraft?

Once you've completed a model airplane, you might be disappointed if you only see it sitting on a shelf. With the time you took to detail the underside of the wings and the landing gear, it would b... Read More »

What drill bit is best suited to drill into lawn mower blade?

you'll want to heat the metal first on hardened steel...then proceed to the drill press with a good quality bit. no made in china or other cheap bits....a good bit will run aprox 8.00 each t... Read More »