How to Drill Into a Concrete Slab?

Answer When drilling into a concrete slab, you'll need a hammer drill and a masonry bit. A hammer drill is a drilling tool with a moving piston inside. The piston's back-and-forth motion inside the drill ... Read More »

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How to Drill Into Concrete?

Drilling a hole in concrete is a very useful and handy technique. You can put up shelves, hang paintings, install lights, and pretty much do any home repair job, yourself. Read on to learn how to d... Read More »

How do i drill into concrete?

Choosing the Bit and Starting the HoleInstall a masonry bit into your drill and make a slight indentation on the spot where you want to drill. Wear safety glasses while you drill.Watering the Hole... Read More »

Can I Pour a Concrete Slab Over an Existing Slab?

You can pour more concrete over an existing slab if you do some preparation to the original surface. The problem with adding wet concrete to cured concrete is there will be no adhesion between the ... Read More »

How to Add a Concrete Slab on Top of Another Concrete Slab?

Over time, harsh weather and regular foot traffic will cause concrete slabs to wear out. Adding a new concrete layer on top of an existing concrete slab is commonly referred to as concrete overlay.... Read More »