How to Dress up an Outfit?

Answer Sometimes, you can find yourself in situations where you have some pretty basic clothes, and you are just invited to a party or event. This guide will help you look great with just a few items, so ... Read More »

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How to Dress up Any Plain Outfit?

When you look in your closet for something different to wear, something with a little bit more 'dressy' look to it and not so plain, a few simple changes will make you look like a celebrity without... Read More »

Which outfit/dress for V-day...PICS!!!?

I know you've already got a lot of answers, but I go along with most of the guys, the last one in black is my favorite, but you look good in them all. You BF is one lucky dude.

Halloween fancy dress outfit PLEASE HELP :)?

i live in sheffield and the shopping centre over here has an Xtras shop if you have one nearby you then go in and take a look because the fancy dress costumes they ... Read More »

How to Make a Dress Like a Taffeta Prom Dress or Cocktail Dress?

A homemade prom dress is like no other dress at the dance as it does not come from the same rack as every other dress. The maker has the benefit of choosing a color that best suits her skin tone. T... Read More »