How to Dress up a Loose, Boxy T Shirt?

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How do i get ink out of a dress shirt?

HairsprayTreat a thickly folded absorbent white cloth or towel with Hair Spray, dab the affected area with cloth, and blot with dry towel simultaneously Treat a thickly folded absorbent white cloth... Read More »

How to Iron a Dress Shirt?

You can iron a dress shirt faster and get better results by following these step-by-step instructions. With a little practice, you can look like you send your shirts out to be pressed.

How to Buy a Man's Dress Shirt?

A man's shirt makes a statement about his appearance. Men's dress shirts are available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. The reaction that your shirt gains from others is a direct result of... Read More »

Is a tunic a dress or a shirt?

First worn by both men and women in ancient Rome and Greece, the tunic is most frequently translated to mean "coat." Although it was knee-length or longer, the simple garment is now thought of ... Read More »