How to Dress to Play Baseball (for Girls)?

Answer Even the best tomboys forget how to dress for that game at the sandlot. Well, here's some advice for all, girly and tomboy alike!

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How to Dress to Play Baseball?

Mariano Rivera is the best closer in the worldPlaying baseball anywheres is vital to the classic role of most kids(boys or girls). We all have done this at some point. While it may seem minor to yo... Read More »

Can girls play baseball?

On One Hand: Girls can do anythingThe first girl played Little League baseball in 1974. Since then, approximately 100,000 girls have played in Little League baseball each year. Little League also s... Read More »

What year were girls first able to play little league baseball?

In 1974, New Jersey's Superior Court upheld a ruling allowing girls to play Little League Baseball. The ruling caused Little League to admit girls worldwide and to create Little League Softball for... Read More »

Baseball gloves are leather -- can vegans play baseball?

You won't get a decent answer. Can these fruitcakes be sports fans at all?! They cannot by their own holier than thou mindset be fans of football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. If it's not t... Read More »