How to Dress to Install Insulation?

Answer Installing insulation is a messy job, both because you're crawling into dirty places to install it and because of the insulation fibers themselves. Some fibers can irritate your skin badly, causing... Read More »

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How do I Install Insulation Baffles Above the Exterior Wall to Protect the Insulation From Air?

Insulation baffles keep attic insulation from contacting the underside of the roof, and provide for a free flow of air from the soffit vents to the ridge vent. This prevents the buildup of condensa... Read More »

How to Install Dow Insulation?

Anyone who has worked with insulation knows that it can be very unpleasant. Fiberglass insulation can leave you feeling very itchy and spray-on insulation can be messy. Dow insulation is a sort o... Read More »

How to Install Insulation Batting?

Batting-type insulation should be placed on the outside walls of your home, after the walls have been framed with lumber, but prior to finishing. It can also be loose-laid in your attic between the... Read More »

How to Install Window Insulation Film?

Here's how to save energy and money on heating and cooling by installing window insulation film.