How to Dress to Install Insulation?

Answer Installing insulation is a messy job, both because you're crawling into dirty places to install it and because of the insulation fibers themselves. Some fibers can irritate your skin badly, causing... Read More »

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How do I Install Insulation Baffles Above the Exterior Wall to Protect the Insulation From Air?

Insulation baffles keep attic insulation from contacting the underside of the roof, and provide for a free flow of air from the soffit vents to the ridge vent. This prevents the buildup of condensa... Read More »

How to Install Dow Insulation?

Anyone who has worked with insulation knows that it can be very unpleasant. Fiberglass insulation can leave you feeling very itchy and spray-on insulation can be messy. Dow insulation is a sort o... Read More »

How to Install Insulation Batting?

Batting-type insulation should be placed on the outside walls of your home, after the walls have been framed with lumber, but prior to finishing. It can also be loose-laid in your attic between the... Read More »

Does Sears install attic insulation?

As of 2010, Sears Blue Service Crews do not install attic insulation. They do offer several products to insulate around attic doors and attic stairs, along with metal and wooden insulated attic lad... Read More »