How to Dress for a Prom on Club Penguin?

Answer Ever seen proms on club penguin? Do you want to go to one? The article will tell you how to dress for one.

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How to Dress Like the Penguin Band from Club Penguin?

You obviously want to dress up in clothes similar to the 4 penguin official band, "The Club Penguin" brand, from Club Penguin. Right? You'll find tips on how-to dress up like them in this article.

How to Hold a Club Penguin Prom?

Ever wanted to hold your own Club Penguin prom? It's really easy to do and popular!

How to Dress Like a Rare Penguin on Club Penguin?

Rare people get more friends.They look awesome and have rare pins!

How to Help Your Big Sister Sneak out to a Prom on Club Penguin?

Your big sister in Club Penguin can't go to her prom because she's grounded or for some other reason. This guide will help you.