How to Dress for Airplane Travel?

Answer Let's face it, nobody wants to wear their best outfit on a stuffy, overcrowded airplane. All most people want to wear is something comfy. So if you want tips on dressing to fly, read on!

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Can dogs travel by airplane?

Depending on the airline, you may be allowed to travel with a dog. Each airline has their own policies. For example, US Airways will allow an in-cabin weight limit of 20 lbs., which should include ... Read More »

When can a child travel alone on an airplane?

Every airline has its own rules, but they have a few things in common: children must be at least five years old, connecting flights are restricted by age ranges -- most airlines will not allow chil... Read More »

What is some advice for airplane travel with children?

Flying with ChildrenHere is advice from the community for air travel with kids:Fly on red-eyes for long trips. Your child should sleep. Be sure there is someone else to care for him/her when s/he w... Read More »

How to Dress and Pack to Travel Fashionably?

So, you are leaving your local region in search of either business or pleasure.What do you pack? Keep these seven things in mind.