How to Dress as a Skyscraper?

Answer Ever wanted to dress as a skyscraper for a party?

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Skyscraper Inventions?

Skyscrapers, those highly visible symbols of financial muscle and urban ambition, transformed the world's big cities. Now architects and engineers are transforming the skyscrapers themselves. Inven... Read More »

Who was the architect of the first skyscraper?

Answer Louis Henry Sullivan was the architect of the 10-story Wainwright Building, the first skyscraper. It was built in 1891.

Ideas for a LEGO Skyscraper?

LEGO building blocks are the chosen toy of aspiring builders, and skyscrapers are a favorite building type for many. So, the design and construction of a LEGO skyscraper is inevitable for a future ... Read More »

How to Draw a Graffiti Skyscraper?

With the help of some computer graphics software programs, you can use graffiti to "tag" objects such as skyscrapers without any worry of police consequences or prosecution. Using basic programs, s... Read More »